An Equinox symbolizes change, balance and new beginnings -

and that is what we want to encourage for you in your life!


This is  a  fascinating, riveting, confusing and exciting period in the lifeline of the world...  [F]or the dedicated minority who have habituated a battle-proofed morning routine to  defend their gifts, cultivated heroic personal restraint and developed a bullet-proofed character through the  rigorous training of their muscles of self-discipline, the times ahead will be phenomenally rich, harmonious and ultra-productive. Those who have armored themselves against the turbulence on its way by installing a world-class and carefully granulated morning ritual will actually be in a position to leverage all the messiness into humongous opportunity.  And transform all the confusion into a supreme sense of clarity, genius and calmness that allows them to win.


- Robin Sharma, The 5am Club

It has been the best experience...every day I've learned something more about myself and about how I want to live and appreciate my life.  


I wake before the alarm and even when I feel sleepy in the mornings , I feel better as the hour passes. My commitment hasn't wavered because of the tremendous value I receive. I love the stillness... 


Deciding to join the Equinox Mornings was the best decision I could have made. I have found that the early mornings are good now, not daunting to wake up to. My body feels awake. I am getting strong again.